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Wines currently available at winery
Fruit Wines 

Cofresi's Tipple $13.00 
Pineapple with a hint of coconut. Semi-sweet. 

94-Fifteen (limited quantity) $18.00 
East meets West in a perfect marriage of luscious mango and floral linden flower tea. Mango and Linden Flower. 

Grumpy Monkey $16.00 
Sweet full-bodied banana wine. 

Grape Wines
Niagara $13.00 
Floral silky sweet white with tones of pineapple and peach. 

Catawba $13.00 
 Medium bodied semi-sweet classic with hints of peach and citrus. 

Concord $13.00 
Grapey semi-sweet with a touch of vanilla and licorice. 

Grape Blends 

Blairsville Blush $13.00 
Tones of fruits and plums dance on your palate in this semi-sweet blush with citrus finish. 

Sunset Rosé $13.00 
Sweet smooth rose with crisp flavors of apples and pears. 

Ridgeview Red $13.00 
Floral sweet red wine blend. 

Red Wines 

Cabernet Sauvignon $16.00 
Dry Cabernet with Hungarian Oak. 

Merlot $16.00 
Dry Merlot with Hungarian Oak. 

Madeleina Red $16.00 
Semi-dry Concord-Merlot blend with Hungarian Oak. 

Specialty Wines 

No More Tears $14.00  
All the flavor and aroma of sweet onion without the tears. 

Dark Passion (limited quantity) $26.00 
Black Coffee and sugar cane wine, like a rummy full bodied espresso.