Open Tue to Thu 12 to 6pm, Fri and Sat 12 to 9pm.
A few words about us
Ungrapeful Winery (formerly Walnut Hill Winery) is a locally owned winery located in the beautiful community of Blairsville, Pennsylvania.  Walnut Hill Winery was open for 11 years before we bought it in January of 2015.  We reopened it in July of that same year.  

My wife and I started making wine as a hobby, something we did together as we were dating. At that time we were going to various wineries.  We didn't want to make something we have had, instead we wanted to make things we had never seen and were eager to try.  So, every time we would go to the grocery store, or see something on sale, or had an idea of something we wanted to make, we would go and turn it into wine.  At one point there was literally over 40 different types of wine all brewing at the same time, no grapes.  So that became the running joke on how "Ungrapeful" it was.  

This hobby literally took a life of its own.  My wife, in her desire to make my life easier, was looking for used equipment for sale on Craig's List and Walnut Hill Winery popped up for sale.  It was a bit of a drive, but one weekend we decided we were going to check it out anways and headed on down.  The previous owner, Samantha Crissman, is absolutely fabulous.  She showed us every corner of the  house.  A couple months later we came back with a bottle of our linden wine which coincidentally would become our Summer Solstice.  That was it, it was a done deal.  It was decided.  We were the ones that would buy the place.

In reopening the store, we were faced with several challenges.  But that is a part of any business, and as the business continues to grow there will be other challenges that we will have to face as well.  But everything we do  is not possible without our wonderful patrons.  

We  want our patrons to have an enjoyable and unique experience.  And we seek to produce wines of exceptional quality, something that you would be eager to take home and share with friends and family.  It's all in the story.  And that's what this business is, a story.  We continue to strive to make things better for you.  

Our main winery location offers private tastings and is available for parties and special events.  We also have live entertainment during the summer on Saturdays (depening on the weather).  We allow people to bring their own food.  We are also pet and children friendly, and we look forward to seeing you!  If you are looking for a place to host an event, such as a painting class or Pampered Chef party, we would be more than willing to host your event!

Most of our wines range from semi-sweet to sweet with occasional dry and off-dry wines in smaller batches.
We continue to produce wines that were made by Walnut Hill Winery, such as Blairsville Blush, Sunset Rosé and Ridgeview Red.  And we continue to make new and exciting flavors! 

I personally feel truly blessed.  We have great neighbors and patrons, and I look forward to providing the wines and summer entertainment that you have come to enjoy and expect.  I get to meet great people from all around the world and tell them our story, and they get to share in our experience.  We will continue to share this process and our experiences with you in the making and sharing of good wines.  
~ Daniel (Owner)